Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Green Tea Souffle' Cheesecake 绿茶舒芙蕾芝士蛋糕

这次总算有点进步了, 好开心叻!
 看来这个甩蛋糕的方法, 还蛮管用哦!
Finally I manage to have my Japanese cheesecake without shrinkage and stand tall. I found that the special technique to prevent shrinkage shared in this recipe is useful. If you have collapse or shrinkage problem like me before, why don't give this recipe a try?

这次用我最爱的绿茶口味,下次再做其他口味的。谢谢Jessie的分享 :)
I totally agreed with Jessie, this kind of cheesecake is additive. I can't wait to try some different flavours! 
Cheesecake(Japanese style) 日式绿茶舒芙蕾芝士蛋
(Recipe sources: Jessiecookingmoment and Jeannie@Baking Diary with minor changes)
Makes a 7" Square or a 8" Round Cheesecake

125g Cream Cheese, roughly chopped
60g Unsalted Butter, roughly chopped
5 Egg Yolks (about 77g)
125g Milk
75g Cake Flour, sifted
35g Corn Flour, sifted
13g Cocoa Powder, sifted (i replaced with matcha powder)

5 Egg Whites (about 178g)

120g Caster Sugar

  1. Line the base and sides of a 7" square cake pan with non-stick baking paper. For the sides, make sure that the paper extends to about 1" higher than the pan. (I didn't line the sides).
  2. Mix flour and cocoa powder together. Set aside.
  3. Melt cream cheese and butter in a heat-proof bowl over a pot of simmering water. Stir until no lumps. Remove from heat and leave to cool.
  4. Add egg yolks to the cream mixture, one at a time and mix with a handwhisk. The mixture becomes smoother after the 1st egg was added.
  5. Add milk, whisk to combine.
  6. Add flour mixture gradually. Mix until well-combined. Do not over mix.
  7. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until frothy. Add sugar in a few rounds &  beat until soft peaks.
  8. Give the cream mixture a good stir, then add 1/3 of (7) into the cream cheese. Mix gently with a handwhisk.  Gradually add in the rest of (7) into the cream mixture & mix until well-combined.
  9. Pour batter into the cake pan. Pour from a certain height slowly to help remove air bubbles. Tap the pan lightly on a table top to level up the batter and also to remove air bubbles.
  10. Place the cake pan in a big baking tray, then put them in the lower middle oven rack. Carefully fill up the tray with hot water. The water level should just be about 1’’ height of the cake pan.
  11. Bake in a 150C preheated oven(Bake only, not Fan-Bake) for 10 minutes, then reduce to 140C for another  10 minutes, if cracks happen, reduce to 120-130C & continue to bake for about 40 minutes(total baking hour is 1 hour).
  12. Remove cake pan from oven and immediately drop the pan from a height of 20-30cm onto the table top. This prevents the cake from shrinking upon cooling. Remove the cake from pan immediately. To unmold, place a large baking sheet on top of the cake pan, invert the cake pan onto the baking sheet. Remove the cake pan and the paper on the base and sides of the cake. Turn the cake back to the top again on a wire rack. Cooled. Refrigerate overnight.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. 只要drop一次就行了?

  2. So perfect and beautifully baked!! I know there will be more flavours coming up and Im waiting anxiously .....

  3. 这蛋糕看起来很不错,有空一定不能错过,先拿一片当早餐,谢谢你。。。

  4. What a beautiful cake! Look so soft and yummy too!

  5. Esther, 这麽多天没来博客,刚刚今天有空就上来,看到自己的名字在这里肯定要来问候一下啦,哈哈哈!很高兴你也喜欢这食谱!我其实是忘了原本的口味是绿茶的,哈哈!我是觉得像类似的食谱,包括戚风蛋糕也来轻轻地摔一下,蛋糕表面真的不会容易收缩,这方法蛮好用的。

  6. 这个蛋糕做得很美丽哦。羡慕。我也很担心做这类式的蛋糕。可是我会努力,向你们学习。

  7. Light and soft..what a gorgeous cheesecake!

  8. Hi Esther, I remembered when I baked chiffon cakes also used the technique of dropping the pan from a height to prevent cake shrinking.
    Your Green Tea Souffle' Cheesecake is so tall and pretty ... must be yummy-licious too ^-^ Enjoy and have a great week ahead !

  9. Esther, you have baked this cake very well!

  10. 肯定软绵绵的好好吃!!!

  11. Hi Esther,

    Your cake looks very pretty with its tall fluffy texture.

    I love to give this cake-dropping technique a try!


  12. wow, that;s really tall and beautiful! like zoe, i hv not tried dropping the cake too !

  13. Hi Esther, I agreed this is a no fail recipe, I love this recipe too!

  14. Esther will this cake rise very high? I wonder why u did not line the sides of you tin with paper?


  15. im in love with green tea flavour bakes recently.... love to try this recipe soon... and i mean soon soon because this looks so good

  16. Hi Esther,
    Matcha my favorite.
    I saw this soufflé cheesecake in Jessie and Jeannie blog too.
    Must try this lovely cheesecake soon.

  17. Hi Esther,
    Your cake looks perfectly baked and delicious! I love green tea flavour!

  18. 绿茶口味的很少做, 看看就好。。还是有机会你请我吃! 哈哈

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