Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pink Kikaku (Soda Method) 喜粄 (苏打气水) & Bloggers' Gathering

Hi everyone, it has been a while since my last blogging .Well look at here, I'm coming back again! hehe...

I can't wait to make these Hee Pan or Kikaku when I received the "ShuangXi 囍"stamp from one of my lovely blogging friend. Don't you agree that it make the Kikaku look merrier with a "囍" stamp on top. 

This is my first time trying out Kikaku (Soda method). I was thinking it could be just like another "dim sum pao" or "man tao" since they do look a like. The soft and chewy texture really surprise me. If I have to relate it to something familiar, I would say, it taste more like a "huat kueh". Huat Ahhh....I wonder the Hokkien name of KiKaKu would be a combination of the three ???

In fact, the feel good and proud of myself after making this kind of traditional steamed kueh :) have encouraged and inspired me try more Chinese traditional delicacies.

Soda Method - Soda drink to made this kueh soft and slightly chewy.
Steamed Glutinous Rice Buns/Kikaku (Soda Method) 喜粄 (苏打气水)
(Recipe adapted from Sonia and Crystal)
 Makes : 10 pcs

Ingredients :
125g All purpose flour
125g Glutinous rice flour
70g Sugar
1tsp Instant yeast
50ml Water
125ml Soda drink 
15g corn oil
Red food colouring
Banana leaves


Liquid mixture
 A.  Water + instant yeast.
 B.  Soda drink + red food colouring

  1. Add sifted all purpose flour, glutinous rice flour,sugar  and liqiud mixture A in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Slowly add in the liquid mixture B , and mix till combine.
  3. Add in corn oil, continue to mix till smooth.
  4. Divide into small dough weight 50g, grease your hand with oil, roll small dough into ball then place on top of banana leaf, then slightly flatten it. Set aside to let it proof for 30-45mins or until it bound back when you touch it with your finger.
  5. Once water is boiling, then steam the kueh for 12mins.
  6. Leave it cool and chop 囍on top of it.
  7. Done.

***************************************************************************  Bloggers' Gathering @ Sonia House 
From left to right : Crystal, Fion, Karen, May, Esther, Tracy and Sonia.
I have shared all these photos in my facebook. Somehow this is my 1st bloggers gathering, so I would like to share them in my blog too.

It was indeed an honour to be invited to this CNY blogger gathering which I get to mingle with theses seasoned bloggers. Even though they may have been an established bloggers and have their own fan based, nevertheless, they are very friendly and willing to share their experience without hesitation. Each of them have their unique character and baking style. (Not to mention beautiful too). I am just too jealous of them.... :)

姐妹们真的很开心和荣幸认识你们。那天的聚会吃的尽兴,拍的过瘾,玩的开心 :)

I apologize for some of the photos below which are not very clear. I have a lot to improve on my photography skill :)


Time to Makan-Makan

Galloping Horses 骏马旺来 by Sonia@Nasi Lemak Lover

Curry Chicken by Trace@平淡的生活
 Braised chicken feet with mushrooms by Karen@Karen's Kitchen
Local fruits brought from Crystal@厨房找快乐 
Year of Horse by Crystal 
 Happy New Year's Popiah by Aunty Young


  1. 喜粄美丽极了。表面滑滑的。很迷人。嘻嘻嘻 。。。。。。 有空也想学习作这个食谱。

    很开心的聚会。真是难得的机会和博友们一起相遇。你们真棒。准备了那么多好料的。好厉害哦。like 你多多也。祝福,天天开心,幸福。

  2. 好Q软的喜粄! 受不了了!快快抛一个过来,大眼美女!呵。。。。。。
    那天安迪被你们这班"狗仔队"拍得飘飘然,哈。。。。。谁叫安迪没你们拍照的高水准,只好随缘咯。。。。。。哈。。。。感恩啦, 那天真的好开心:)

  3. 哎哟,好多美女呢,全部都是美人儿啊,手艺也都是一级棒的:)


  4. Esther, 我也同意楼上朋友们的说法。我的妈妈是客家人但是没吃过这,做得太肥嘟嘟了,快点送几个来给我尝尝。那只马画得很美。

  5. 圆鼓鼓的喜板,下一回我也要学这个method的。。。一群的美女,真的让我既羡慕又妒忌,我也要参加啦。。。我也要在相片里面啦!!

  6. You r back!! And I love your kikaku" pretty in pink ahhhhh..... And how I envy the gathering.... I hv no one here in Beijing to gather with... 555555

  7. Well Sonia, very loving photos of the bloggers and agree with your statement that they look as beautiful as their pot luck food they brought with them to this gathering. It will be better if you could name them so that readers know who and who including you!

    Priscilla Poh

  8. That's a beautiful pic of all fellow bloggers.. Your kikkau look so pretty loved the colour n the stamp on it..

  9. 这个是一个很开心的机会,
    可以apps我告诉我你的chop chop哪里购买吗?

  10. Esther, 你的喜粄做的真美, 圆又圆还有粉红的脸儿, 我也要吃一个!
    非常开心的聚会, 你的照片都拍的很美,只是可以的话, 下回要set我们的相机, 让它帮我们拍瘦一些, 哈哈哈!

  11. 你的喜粄真漂亮,看了想吃多多。在面书也看见你们聚会的照片了,每个带上花来照相,好可爱!

  12. 滑滑胖嘟嘟的喜板很美呐!

  13. 哪天看了tracy的照片,心想还有个美女到底是谁。。
    hoh hoh hoh, 原来是你!!

  14. 粉红的喜板加上个"喜“印。。很有喜庆的feel哦。。:)

  15. Esther, I love your cute pink buns. Well done!

  16. Everything is beautiful. The kikaku and the ladies!!

  17. 照片都拍得好漂亮,各个都是貌美如花哦!^o^

  18. Comidas deliciosas me gusta mucho el pie de limòn con merengue,abrazos.

  19. Hi Esther,

    Welcome back to blogging! Is someone that you know getting married? Very nice 喜粄!

    I enjoy browsing the photo of your gathering... Just curious to know who is who? I can recognize Karen but can't even recognize you :p Tell me tell me who is who!!!


  20. Esther, sorry for my late visit. Wow, your KiKaKu very sui lar, round and fluffy, good one! Thanks for sharing all photos taken and nice meeting you too.

  21. Can u please advise where u purchased the happiness chop

  22. 哇!!你的喜粄太漂亮了!!这个我超超喜欢吃,一口气可吃上好几个^^