Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kopitiam Milk Bun (面包) & Caramel Kaya (咖椰)

Today - Malaysia's 13th General Election, also a Big day for Malaysian. Tonight whole Nation is waiting for the result. My husband said this  election result is more exciting than World Cup :)  Please have some breads with kaya while you are waiting for results. This Kopitiam milk bun is highly recommended by Crystal.  Exactly like what Crystal said this bread is very soft and like old Kopitiam style bread, 
simply delicious!!!! 
今天这个Kopitiam 面包是水晶 (厨房找快乐)特别推荐的。
果然是好料, 面包常柔软,好吃!谢谢水晶诚意的推荐。
先搽个咖椰, 吃个面包吧!
Kopitiam Milk Buns
(Recipe adapted from Vinnie Baking Paradise and 厨房找快乐)

A : Sponge
214g Bread Flour 
128g Full Cream Milk
2g (or 1/2 tsp) Instant Yeast 

B: Dough

92g Bread Flour
12g Full Cream Milk
30g Egg
7g Instand Yeast
5g Salt
61g Sugar
12g Milk Powder
45g Butter

  1. Pre-heat oven at 160C.
  2. Mix ingredient A for 3 minutes on 1st speed. (I used hand to knead)
  3. Ferment at least 4-5 hours or keep in fridge 12-16 hours (overnight).
  4. Mix the sponge, dry ingredient & liquid mix on 2nd speed until like a dough.
  5. Then add in butter continue mix until the dough is fully developed. 50/60g each.
  6. Proof for 1 hour or until double size. 
  7. Bake for 12 minutes until golden brown.
Caramel Kaya (咖椰)
第一次亲手做咖椰,没有比想象中难,只是比较花费时间。不过,它有我想要的古早味。所以,一切都是值得的。谢谢Sonia 无私的分享!
My first attempt to make kaya (coconut egg jam), not difficult as what I think, but a bite time consuming. Anyway, this is kind of old-fashioned kaya that I was always looking for. Thank you for Sonia unselfish sharing.
My man made kaya whirlpool 
Homemade Caramel Kaya ( coconut egg jam) 咖椰
(Recipe source: adapted from Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover)

3 large eggs, lightly beaten ( I used 3 Kampung chicken eggs + 1 duck egg )
250g caster sugar (I used brown sugar + caster sugar 230g)
350ml thick coconut milk 
(500ml water + grated coconut (from one large old coconut), keep the balance)
2pcs pandan leaves, knotted (I used 6 pcs pandan leaves)


  1.  Mix 150g sugar with coconut milk, use a hand whisk stir till sugar dissolved.
  2.  Add in egg, stir to combine well, set aside.
  3.  Add balance 100g sugar in a saucepan, cook over medium heat till became golden syrup.
  4.  Pour golden syrup into egg and coconut milk mixture, and the syrup will form into curd, don’t worry, continue stir until syrup dissolved in the mixture (Be careful when you pour the syrup, it will spill !) 
  5.  Sift the kaya mixture into another mixing bowl (stainless steel preferred), add in pandan leaves. 
  6. Place mixing bowl over another pot of boiled water on low heat (double boil method), stir kaya mixture occasionally.(Do not stop too long, 1-2mins intervals). Discard pandan leaves once the leaf is cooked.
  7.  It took at least 1hour to cook till desired thickness. Cool completely before store in a clear jar and keep in the fridge.
Happy Voting!!!!


  1. This milk bun looks really soft and fluffy! I like the kaya too, delicious spread on the buns with some butter!

  2. 我还在等成绩

  3. Esther

  4. Oh....really lovely baked buns and of course great to have it with homemade kaya. Yum.

  5. 这个面包看了很开胃,只是今早,实在是吃不下早餐啊!嘿嘿。。。

  6. Wow! Your kaya buns looks so fluffy & soft! I've never try making kaya but my mum used to make! Thanks for sharing the kaya recipe too coz my mum's kaya recipe was always agak-agak recipe! LOL

  7. Esther, your kay buns look sooo good! Soft and fluffy and I like the kaya too!!

  8. 我也想要做这个KAYA好久了。。。就是懒懒的,还没动手!!


  9. Hi,

    Love the bun and it looks yummy ... Planning to try baking on this coming weekend :)

    Btw, can i know what milk powder did you used and the butter was salted or unsalted type?


    1. Hi Moon, I used unsalted butter and Nestlé milk powder or any type will do. Happy baking :)

  10. these are superbly gorgeous looking buns...
    I am going to try this soon :D Thank you

  11. Hi Esther,

    Both kaya and buns look superb! I would love to bookmark these recipes.


  12. Hi Esther, very nice kaya, I like. Must give it a try and your buns are lovely.

  13. 我要面包加Kaya,看上来好好吃!

  14. Hi Esther, ooo you use one duck egg in your kaya, must make it extra rich and nice! :)

  15. Hi Esther,
    Lovely buns and kaya! Delicious with a cup of Kopi-O!

  16. Hi Esther,
    The buns just look so amazingly good. I would love to have some right now. I'm happy to be your newest follower.

  17. I love those toasted kopitiam buns with kaya!!! Can tell why it's so delicious because of the milk in it! bookmarking this to try this weekend!

  18. 面包涂上kaya & butter,我最喜欢咯,好香!

  19. Have to make some coconut egg jam for my breakfast bread! So yum!

  20. Kaya and Roti, simply perfect! Thanks for your mentioned ya..

  21. That must be big if someone would say waiting for the election result is more exciting than the World Cup, especially coming from a guy. :) Your Milk Buns look light a fluffy, so perfect. Hm...I miss Kaya. I used to eat that quite often when I lived in Hong Kong. It's not as popular here in the States. Haven't see a good brand from the store. Wish I can find pandan leaves so I can make them myself.

  22. 我看上roti,也看上kaya,
    no choice ,只好吃kaya罢了,谁叫自己姗姗来迟:(

  23. lovely buns..tho election is over, i would still love to have these anytime..your kaya looks nice too!