Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carrot Muffin (红萝卜马芬)

This is my late minute decision to bake this cake and also my last post for March 2013. I am going back to Terengganu tonight for "Ching Beng" (清明节). I will bring them along. I will see you all in Little Thumbs Up for April 2013 Theme "Corn" upon my return. Appreciate if you guys can give me your support,thank you.
Since I need to pack my bag very soon, I will just do a quick post. See you all and Happy Easter day!!!!
Carrot  Muffin (红萝卜马芬)
(Makes : 10 muffins)

125g Butter
125g Caster sugar
1/4 tsp Salt
2 Eggs
150g Grated Carrot
100g Raisin
150g Plain flour
1/2 tsp Baking powder
1/4 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda


  1. Beat butter, sugar and salt until light and fluffy.
  2. Add in eggs, one at a time, beating thoroughly after each addition.
  3. Stir in carrot and raisin. Fold in sifted flour, baking powder and soda. Mix unit well blended. 
  4. Spoon batter into prepared liners with about 70% full.
  5. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180C for 25mins.
Happy Easter Day!!! 


  1. 我看到叉子很特别哦,蛋糕的卖相也不错哦!

  2. 很美的蛋糕,金黄色的一定很好吃了!

  3. Looks really yummy this muffins. Bet it must be moist in texture too. Enjoy your holiday back to your home town.

  4. Very nice colour and the muffins look very yummy too!
    Oh next month is your turn to host 'Little Thumbs Up'! Sure will support you :)

  5. Beautifully golden brown and moist...simply irresistible!

  6. 很健康的小蛋糕!
    Happy Easter!

  7. Happy Easter, have a great holiday. Will certainly think of something "corn" to cook to support you in LTU.

  8. These carrot muffins look wonderful and perfect for Easter. Wish you and your family a good weekend. Safe travel back home. ;)

  9. These are such perfect treats for easter, Esther. Enjoy the holidays.

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