Thursday, January 10, 2013

Steamed Savoury Pumpkin Cake (蒸南瓜糕)

I have a "Sweet" life nowadays. I eat cake, cookies, dessert, chocolate & candy almost everyday. I have a sweet tooth, what to do?! However, I do miss the savoury cake too. Since my fridge still have some pumpkin from Cameron, so I decided to make this steamed savoury pumpkin cake.

 I used this 7-inch baking tin for my mini pumpkin cake. A great size for small family.

Enjoy your food !!!

Again, this recipe adapted from Sonia but I reduced all the ingredients by half.
Thank you very much for Sonia good sharing.

Steamed savoury pumpkin cake
(recipe source: adapted from Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover with minor charges in purple colour)

130g pumpkin        } small cubed
50g chicken breast }
125g rice flour
10g tapioca flour
240ml water
35g dried shrimps (soaked and chopped coarsely)
7 shallots, slices

1/2tsp salt or to taste
1/2tsp sugar
1/4tsp chicken stock powder
1/4tsp white pepper powder

Chopped spring onion
Chopped fresh red chilli

1. Mix all seasonings with rice flour, tapioca flour and water by hand whisk till a watery batter.
2. Heat oil in a wok, sauté shallots till golden brown, add in dried shrimps and stir fry till fragrant.
3. Dish out half of the mixture and keep aside for later garnishing. Add in pumpkin and stir fry for 1min. Pour in the watery batter,chicken breast and cook mixture for 1-2mins over low heat, stirring all the time, until the mixture turns to a thick paste.
4. Pour the paste into a greased cake tin. Smoothen the surface with a spatula. Place it in the steamer and steam over high heat for 45 minutes.
5. Remove the cake and allow it to cool thoroughly before cutting into slices.
6. Garnish with shrimp/shallot mixture, chopped spring onion and red chilli on top.
7. Serve with sweet chilli sambal (chilli sauce).


  1. Esther, your savoury pumpkin cake looks very delicious! I must try it too, I'll eat with lots of chilli sauce :)

    1. Yes, It is prefer to eat with chilli sauce. I had mine with thai chilli sauce, yummy!!!

  2. Hi Esther
    I have yet to make this savoury pumpkin cake. Yours looking really delicious.

    1. Mel, this pumpkin cake is really yummy and worth to try :)

  3. you make me hungry now, yum yum..i like to dip with chili sauce, simply delicious!

    1. yes, perfect to dip with chili sauce.I like this savoury pumpkin cake more than the yam one :)

  4. Esther,
    This is my favorite kind of cake.
    I like to have it with lots of chilli sauce..

    Between , about the heart shape chiffon mould,
    I bought it from a fb friend. She is Cornie Chloe Tan.
    You can search her in fb and check with her.

    1. Hi Mui Mui, Thanks a lot and I will check it out! Good day to you:)

  5. Hi Esther,

    Your steamed pumpkin cake look wonderful with all the colourful garnish. Need to cook this too for my family :D


    1. Thank you Zoe. I hope your family will love this healthy and yummy steamed pumpkin cake too :)